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2 felony charges dropped in case against activist Carlos Montes (tags)

Protestors gathered outside of LA Superior Court yesterdayas planned, and chanted “Justice for Carlos Montes, drop the charges.” 2 of the 6 felony charges against Montes were dropped becuase the statutue of limitations had expired. In the discussion of the dismissal motion, the prosecution admitted that Department of Justice records on Montes’ legal history were contradictory. Montes contends the prosecution is motivated by a desire put a damper on his social and political activism with baselss charges. Montes is currently urging people to protest against NATO on May 20, 2012 in Chicago.

50.000 personas se movilizan en Córdoba, Argentina (tags)

Unas cincuenta mil personas se manifestaron por las calles de esta ciudad argentina, llamada "La Docta". Apoyo de la comunidad, los políticos y profesionales. El desafío de sostener a la educación pública.

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