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14 2000

Class Action Lawsuit: D2KLA-Rage Against The Machine Concert, August 2000 (tags)

Seeking plaintiffs who fit the description of the class described at Class-action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for force used during the Democratic National Convention, on August 14, 2000, after the Rage Against the Machine concert. Sign up before the end of June!

Looking for DNC/D2K Plaintiffs (tags)

NLG has a law-suit

dnc lawsuit (tags)

We are looking for plaintiffs who were shot with rubber bullets or hit with batons on August 14, 2000 by the LAPD after the Rage Against the Machine Concert at the Staples Center. We are trying to collect damages for people who were injured by the Police.

Protester Report in YahooDaily News (tags)

A day earlier, outside Staples Center, hundreds of demonstrators threw rocks and fired steel balls from slingshots at police, who answered by firing rubber bullets and beanbags from shotguns, swinging batons from horseback and unleashing pepper spray. (more)

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