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Putin v. Kerry (tags)


America: Super-Bully Nation (tags)


Gaza Siege Harshness Continues (tags)


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (Political Remix Videos) (tags)

We are looking for innovative and interesting work that represents the best current offerings (made in 2006-2007) or is of historical significance to political remix practice for our upcoming 24/7: DIY Video Summit.

Thank you ( to the real Americans) (tags)

A quick note to thank the real Americans

Burning the American Flag because of What it Represents (tags)

The Senate will soon debate an amendment to ban flag-burning. As long as the U.S. flag represents a nation bent on dominating the world regardless of the human and economic costs, people both here and abroad will continue to burn it. Where there is oppressions there is always resistance.

A Roadmap Of Recent Events (tags)

Rothschild Targets Putin & Bush-Cheney

JZ lays down the Three Represents (tags)

Breaking it down with JZ

MWD Rejects Cadiz Water Project - HOORAY! (tags)

A controversial proposal to store water beneath the Mojave Desert for use in Southern California was killed Tuesday by the Metropolitan Water District. The MWD board voted by a slight margin to not proceed with the $150 million project by Santa Monica-based agricultural company Cadiz Inc.

Disapointed cop [OC TacoBell protest] (tags)

Like all police officers, this cop does not represent the people. He represents the financial instution behind him. The corporation that represents the unfortant dominance of mass marketing and comercial production in the capitalist system. He represents the injustice, genocide and global slavery comitted by this system. Since when does this system represent "the people". Nobody represents the people, except the people. We shouldn't let cops boss us around at protests. This is our time, and our voice. Not the systems.

ACTA List Breakdown By College or University--7 Schools Have Over Half The Items (tags)

ACTA's report, "Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America, and What Can Be Done About It," pretends to present an objective picture of what is happening on America's campuses. Its evidence, which is barely mentioned, much less analyzed in the body of the report, is presented in an 117 item list in the appendix. But a single school accounted for 15 items, 3 accounted for 40 items and just 7 schools accounted for 59 items, more than half the items on the list. This hardly represents American colleges and universities as a whole. It represents extremely sloppy "research." (tags)

The CLF website has been launched.

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