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The War on Journalism (tags)

6 min video of me getting attacked by NYPD

VIDEO: Watts community responds to shooting of infant Susie Pena Lopez (tags)

Watts community residents took the streets in response to the shooting of 17 month old Susie Lopez who was shot in the head with a rifle by the LAPD...... LA IMC needs to feature this media on the front page. There has been little if any covereage of the rampant police killings burning throughout this city.

Stalkers, harassers & nut cases III (tags)

Government "STALKERS & NUT CASES" Real Domestic Contact Services (DCS), Government Disinformation & Name Takers, Government Plants, Patriot Spies, Goverment Dupes, Felons, Cross Dressers, Kiddie Porno Freaks, Drug addicts, FBI-CIA Drug & Weapon Dealers, Some Declared Criminally Insane, Stooges, Idiots, Morons, Imbeciles & Satanists

Logging started in Straw Devil in unit 1 today (tags)


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