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Raymond Lotta on Libya, PZ Myers, The Michael Slate Show (tags)

Raymond Lotta, revolutionary communist intellectual and political economist, on the situation in Libya, what underlies it, and its significance to the region and the world. See more at

Socialist Planning -- Liberation from the Market (tags)

The following is written by the Maoist political economist Raymond Lotta. It is excerpted from a larger discussion on where Ray posted a series of comments called "Socialist planning vs. Market Socialism."

How Revolution Can Overturn Consumer Society (tags)

The following was written by political economist Raymond Lotta -- as part of a longer analysis of "Socialist Planning vs. Market Socialism." It was posted as part of the debate over revolutionary strategy in the General Discussion forum of

On Open Source Code, Computers and the Revolution (tags)

The following are excerpts from the debate on – the website dedicated to a discussion of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA’s Draft Programme and issues of revolutionary strategy.

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