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Working for Peace in the US (tags)

Michael Zwieg, the producer of "Working for Peace in the US Labour Movement (DVD), speaks about his experiences. 11 minutes Quick Time Video

Chavez: Capitalism must be transcended (tags)

Hands Off VenezuelaCampaign

The Nationalisation of VENEPAL: What does it signify? (tags)

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign



The Death of Dr.Kelly-Britain rocked by Political crisis (tags)


Manifetso on the Imperialist War against Irag (tags)


Again-Palestine:On the tactics of the Intifada (tags)


MICROPLATFORM antifascista (tags)

This is a open project between Micro-Solco (Italia) and The Platform (Argentina), to give an noisly antifascist answer to repression against social movements. In the last times, the newlyberalist goverments have intensify the attack against those who fight for justice and solidarity. Microplatform participate from the cultural musical front to support the 3 italian antifascists who was arrested the 12th september 2001, as a part of an strategy to attack the movement. "sostieni gli antifascisti, liberare tutti!"

History of Mayday (tags)

May 1st is a day of special significance. Its a day of worldwide solidarity. But why Mayday? What is its history?

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