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Boston IMC Journalist in Baghdad (tags)

Boston IMC journalist is in Jordan, looking to get into Iraq to interview ordinary Iraqi citizens

The Defense Intelligence Agency Is Waging War On Americans (Details) (tags)

In contradiction to their pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, the Department of Defense is violating the First Amendment.

IndyMedia at the DNC '04 (tags)

Boston Independent Media Center - Democratic National Convention Projects

Are you coming to Boston for the Democratic National Convention this July? Are you planning to work with the Independent Media Center?

COINTELPRO Operation Exposed (tags)

Finally a breakthrough!!

The truth unfolds (tags)

I have finally published the names and the structure behind the harrasment campaign against me.

Assholes and Angels in Our Midst (tags)

Adventures in Meeting the Enemy


The Boston Police Department violates Free Speech by trashing political commentary. They are fascist, and there should be a Black Bloc action against them.

Check out Boston IndyMedia for info on successful anti-Ashcroft protest. (tags)

There should be many more reports coming in over the next few hours.

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