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And I repeat to you once again JIMMY PAGE and all this is true because I do not have the bad taste to make other people waste their time or waste the mine, but LED ZEPPELIN with my songs can change the world again, just as The Beatles did it in 1964, but if you don't want to do it, EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock And Band changes it if I don't die first…


in the 70's I had a fantastic dream where I was a millionaire and I wanted to form The Beethoven's rock band, but the problem I had was that each element of EL BEETHO should not repeat an element of other rock bands because if I did it would no longer be possible. It would be no joke to do it because I would have to take all the members of LED ZEPPELIN from all sides and that would be the end of my problems.

LED ZEPPELIN met EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band ¡!!! (tags)

JIMMY and if things go well with your managers, I swear on my mother that I am going to create THE LED ZEPPELIN RADIO STATION to play pure music from the greatest rock band of all time that fell to earth from Los Planos Divinos where we will have EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band as guests from time to time ¡!!!


The largest Rolling Stone of all time and the genius who could keep the mediocres on the road who paid him with hate and robbed him for two low-life guys called The Keith Richards and The Mick Jagger, which if it were not by Mick Taylor by now they would have died of hunger and in anonymity, while EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band Can't find the time for The Welwyn Garden City to come play the guitar with us to destroy Led Zeppelin career. by LA SANTA BERTHA


EL MICK TAYLOR The largest Rolling Stone of all time and that he was despised by two seedy guys to include a guitarist badder than Keith Richards, while EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band can't find the time so Mick Taylor can come and play with the rock band wich destroyed Led Zeppelin.


OVER TIME will be the next song EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band recommends and it will be for three basic reasons... 1.- because it tells us about a worker so abused by his employers that he wonders if the soldiers who risk their lives in the trenches will become believers in God to save their country when God does not recommend killing. 2.- And every eight days he goes to visit the whore to reproach her for her attitude, but she curses him and the kick she gives him in the butt sends to the planet Mars. 3.- the worker ends up disowning his boss and asks God that we could live in a world where all souls are blessed so that the spirit can fly free like a bird. ***** And he ends up lovingly calling all his girlfriends in the world.


That's why I like El Mister Insane for EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band because there are very few drummers like him in the world and I would only get a bassist like El Roger Glover, a classical music pianist and a classical music organist because I will play the guitar as LA TRANXXX VES-TRI ONE and then I will sing the songs of El Pheri Sánchez.


just because you are first-class fucken fool people who don't give a damn that Led Zeppelin tramples on you as if you were cockroaches.

EL FO LE FU FO LE (tags)

And when our mouths become foolish, we brag with impunity about breaking all the records of Los Beatles, The Resign of El Elvis Presley and the spectacularity of El Michael Jackson.

EL PHERI SÁNCHEZ Rock and Band ¡!!! (tags)

people are you working over time listen bosses never pay so much wished I living in a world where souls be blessed out and-spirit playing free bird working over time the drifting way of life.


And as the last beggar threatens THE BLACK AND WHITE RECORDS tells you that in the immediate future la-tranxxx will never play again in The United Mexican States of The North, nor in The United Mexican States of The South, nor in Europe and much less in The United Kingdom because these three countries are the most unfaithful that the ex former hippie has trampled.


Argentine band Reynols considered the recent event at the Barcelona Opera House was a well-produced "cover" of their own 1995 Concert for Plants

Tour Announcement: Whole Milk's California Cruising Tour 2018 (tags)

Whole Milk Tour Announcement

Pussy Riot Propaganda Is For Naïve Americans (tags)

Pussy Riot, a Russian female punk band of recent notoriety, very much seems to have one tunnel vision goal—at least as reported to Western audiences by Western media—and that is to discredit and defame Russian President Vladimir Putin. The band name ‘riot’ is not hard to understand, as their supposed “art form” resembles a riot, as punk music often enough does; but it is more anti-music in its ear-splitting aggression. Behind scenes of this shallow morality play …lays larger political stories, pseudo-stories, propaganda, foreign inspired revolutions with plenty of American tax money being circulated to bribe public relations schemes and more lately accusations that even NGOs that supposedly care about human rights and the environment have been infiltrated to the point that their real mission is to engage in propaganda operations.

Listen for Life Musicfest 2012 Peace Day Concerts-Mission Viejo/San Pedro/Hollywood/Hemet (tags)

Listen for Life is honored to bring an impressive roster of world-renowned musicians to four cross-cultural Listen for Life Musicfest 2012 events in Southern California, September 21-29, 2012, to celebrate this year’s International Day of Peace and kick-off a world tour to promote peace around the globe.


Thi s article is based on observing protests. The police has plans for how to deal with protestors. This is by opioion of a methodof dealing with these police plans

Tribal Leaders gather in Las Vegas to oppose SNWA water pipeline (tags)

More than 25 Tribal Leaders, from four states, will gather in Las Vegas to issue a joint statement asking the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to deny the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) proposed groundwater pipeline project application.

Making Monsters (tags)



The Brazilian journalists are abusing the freedom of press.

Singer's Arrest Reunites Village People to Record Prison Disco Song (tags)

Singer's Arrest Reunites Village People to Record Prison Disco Song

No Machine (tags)

LA's The South Central Skankers Debut: Welcome To Lost Angeles (tags)

The South Central Skankers are releasing their debut album on June 6 and in honor of the release are playing at LA SKACORE Invasion!

Darrel Wood, Jr.: Queer Little Rock ’n’ Roller (tags)

Darrel Wood, Jr. is a 17-year-old high school senior in the conservative San Diego suburb of Santee, but the openly Queer rock musician has already been on two CD's with a former band and is about to release a new one by his current group, The Elephant Project. He's also headlining at the North Park Arts Festival in San Diego Sunday, May 17. In this interview, to which his mother accompanied him and also participated, he discusses his musical influences and the role of his sexuality in his life.

Benefit Concert for International Women's Day 2009 (tags)

Benefit Concert for International Women's Day

SAVE THE DATE: Celtic New Year celebration at CSULA, Wed. Oct. 22, 7 p.m. (tags)

Come celebrate Celtic New Year during the season of Samhain (called Hallowe'en by some), with a live band, spoken word and a free dance lesson!

McCartney to play for child killers (tags)

In Israel

First practice of L.A's new radical marching band (tags)

L.A/So Cal's new radical marching band will be having it's first practice.

Radical Marching Band startig in LA (tags)

Radical marching/Samba band starting in LA/So Cal. Come join us !

copyfight beruit (tags)

The band Beruit played at Avalon in Los Angeles on Oct 11, with Colleen opening (and another band before that but didn't catch the guy's name). This torrent contains a bunch of audio recordings of the show:

this Sun 9/2/07,the confederate rag waver Dennis Slater and his band of biggots (tags)

the confederate rag waver Dennis Slater and his merry band of biggots will be at the Home Depot Van Nuys 9/02/07

Brazil, Paraná: Syngenta's GMO alert! (tags)

The farm is located in the band of ecological protection of the National Park of Iguaçu. "In case that it begins again to be used as field of tests toward research with GMOS, it will demonstrate that the Swiss company really wants to make, at Paraná, what it would never make in the Swiss city of Basel, headquarters of the company" affirmed Silveira.

Teen Jazz Band's Solution Tour (tags)

Teen Jazz Band In Black is taking their Solutions Tour to the Jazz Bakery in Culver City. The band is promoting issues surrounding climate change solutions and great jazz.

Teen Jazz Band's Solution Tour (tags)

Teen Jazz Band In Black is taking their Solutions Tour to the Jazz Bakery in Culver City. The band is promoting issues surrounding climate change solutions and great jazz.

Teen Jazz Band's Solutions Tour (tags)

Teen jazz band In Black takes their Solutions Tour to the Jazz Bakery in Culver City. The band is traveling from N. California to S. California, promoting issues around climate change, solutions, and great jazz.

Screamers Premier at AFI festival (tags)

This momentous documentary feature following the Grammy-award winning rock band System of a Down as they confront the issue of the Armenian genocide in Turkey in 1915 and efforts by the Turkish government to deny it.

Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist: 9/11 Revisited (tags)

The mantra Osama was the one has become a dogma and his phantom-like band al Qaida has become the synonym for evil. Welcome to the Middle Ages of the 21st century! An international investigations would dissolve the official legend.

Korean American-led DMZ//38 Releases No Man’s Land Album (tags)

“We can be as one, look what the split has done” proclaims DMZ on “Reunify,” an impassioned anthem from No Man’s Land, the debut album from the LA-based band DMZ//38. DMZ//38 is led by vocalist/songwriter DMZ, and was named Outstanding Political Band of the Year in 2005. The album is available from DMZ38.COM through Taegukki Records.

Some cool sounds with Kyrsten Sinama (tags)

Some cool sounds made by the AK-47 Blue Band

VIDEO: SuperBroke Marching Band, every day there is magic on the farm (tags)

The SuperBroke Marching Band came to the farm Saturday to give everyone an extra dose of the SuperFlow and to ward off the Evil Anti-Groove of those who would see the farm plowed under. The farm is already saved. The war is over. The good shall prevail. Long live the South Central Farmers.

Revolutionary Music (tags)

The sonic revolutionary onslaught returns to Los Angeles. And beyond.

Gang Stalking (tags)

Gang Stalking in New York


Four of Louisiana’s coastal Native American tribes issued an urgent appeal for support in the aftermath of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita. Despite the buzz of recovery activity in New Orleans and on other parts of the Gulf coast, tribal leaders say they have been forgotten and their people continue to suffer.

Arts and entertainment: Carlos Guitarlos show at Liquid Kitty (tags)

Carlos Guitarlos is local legend. And last night's show at Liquid Kitty is proof that at age 55 he can still hold forth.

Actor Bokeem Woodbine Live @ The Roxy Hollywood 10/29 (tags)


free music (tags)

portland rock band, Die Kapitalist Pig has finished their long anticipated album and they want you to have it free.

Our Lady Peace at Viper Room! (tags)

About Our Lady Peace: While studying at the University of Toronto in 1992, vocalist Raine Maida met guitarist Mike Turner (a British expatriate) and the two formed the post-grunge band Our Lady Peace. They later recruited bassist Chris Eacrett and jazz drummer Jeremy Taggart, playing around the area. Signed to Relativity, Our Lady Peace released Naveed, which sparked the modern rock hit "Starseed," in 1995. They toured with fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette later that summer, and earned a cult following. After replacing Eacrett with bassist Duncan Coutts, Clumsy followed in 1997, and two years later Our Lady Peace returned with Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch. The new millennium brought another OLP release, 2001's Spiritual Machines, and a sold out promo tour that spring. Shortly thereafter, guitarist Mike Turner left the band due to creative differences and Steve Mazur was brought in to replace him. He and the rest of Our Lady Peace restructed the band's heavy rock sound for the simplistic Gravity, which appeared in June 2002. The band toured throughout Canada and the US in support of the album, and documented the jaunt the following June with Live from Calgary and Edmonton. In addition to the CD, OLP also issued a DVD of the tour. That same month, the band took part in the historic "Concert for Toronto," held at the city's Sky Dome as a way for the city, its citizens, and the nation of Canada to show Toronto's vitality and to quell fears in the wake of the city's bout with the SARS epidemic. In addition to Our Lady Peace, the concert also featured such Canadian superstars as The Tragically Hip and Avril Lavigne. Their new album, “Healthy in Paranoid Times,” the much anticipated follow up to “Gravity” hits stores August 30, 2005 and includes the single “Where are you?”

MTV Drops NIN (tags)

MTV Drops NIN over a photo of a BUSH

The Powers That Seem (tags)


dimebag darrell shot dead in Columbus Oh (tags)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- A gunman opened fire Wednesday night during a heavy metal concert in Columbus, killing four people -- including at least one member of the band -- and critically wounding at least two others before a police officer shot and killed him, according to Columbus police.

SHAC 7 Benefit Show this SATURDAY! (tags)

Attention Southern Californians! The Animal Liberation Coalition is holding a SHAC 7 Benefit Concert on December 4th to support and raise awareness about the SHAC 7 and the Campaign to Close HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences)!

Voodoo Verbotten!, SS Save GWB from Terrorist's Voodoo Threat (tags)

Punk Band Plays: Masters of War, by Bob Dylan; Adds Worst Wishes to GB; Gets a Visit from the SS

Minneapolis Labor Street Fest (tags)

July Street Festival to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of Strikes That Made Minneapolis a Union Town

UK Band ist set to BUCK the SYSTEM (tags)

A UK Band are determined to BUCK the SYSTEM on behalf of Quality Music, Film and TV

Country Joe Band, 2004: 'Uncle Sam Needs Your Help Again' (tags)

Taking the stage at a community center in the small Northern California town of Bolinas, a group of four musicians quickly showed themselves to be returning as a vibrant creative force centered very much in the present.

Members of Ozomatli Arrested After Show (tags)

Two members of the Grammy-winning Ozomatli and their manager were arrested after the band's South by Southwest music festival performance spilled out onto 6th Street.

New Wave Band Tours to Stop Vote Fraud (tags)

Upcoming New Wave band Railer tours nationwide to support their album "Frame of Mind" while joining the fight against fraudulent voting technologies.

Zoltan Concert (tags)

Zoltan the Magnificent, Red Hunter, Daphne the Painted Lady and the Headless Horsehead played a show.

International Verdict (tags)


Support the local indigenous people in Southern CA (tags)


Volunteers Needed to Represent Alive & Well (tags)

Our friends and supporters, the multiple Grammy winning band The Foo Fighters, have invited Alive & Well to share our information on their tour stops across the country.

Banned band review finally appears. (tags)

This review of the Band Shenanigans at the 2002 LA Music Awards Review of the Band Shenanigans. They attempted to stop this review,but no one can silence me. The truth shall be told

green day's anti-war song (tags)

green day did an acoustic anti-war song

System of a Down: (tags)

Glendale-based band System of a Down has released the video for its antiwar song, "Boom," chronicling the worldwide protests from February 15th. Excellent video, excellent song from an excellent band. Enjoy!

Saddleback College Anti-War protest update! (tags)


Long Live Joe Strummer! 1952-2002 (tags)

Tribute to Joe Strummer

Tommy (tags)

How the Left has ever treated Military Men

Not In Our Name - Band Playing (tags)

LA Not In Our Name - Band Playing at Federal Building After the March

some information (tags)

some information about RATM

Chumbawumba Fund Indy Media with Corporate Money (tags)

Reuters News Agency reports that Anarcho Punk Band, Chumbawumba, has been highly paid by none other than General Motors. The Band has given half their money to the Independent Media Center.


That's right, the SEX PISTOLS might regroup. I dislike reunions as much as anyone else, but as long as "Sir" Paul McCartney is around to kiss the Queens behind, what's wrong with Rotten and company coming back to yell: "SHE AIN'T NO HUMAN BEING!"

PepsiCo goes after Indy Rock (tags)

PepsiCo has just begun a marketing campaign for its new energy drink called "Amp" ( What is different about this marketing scheme is that they are using Indy rock bands to sell it!!!

Then darn Nazi's in Anahiem (tags)

ARA reorganizing to create an active LA chapter. And there is some stuff to respond to.

Punk Band, THE EX in L.A. (tags)

Internationally renowned political Punk band from Amsterdam arrives in Los Angeles for a one night appearance!

Pacifica Dem Now! Goodman v AntiFree Speech/Pacifica Theft Abettor Clayton Riley (tags)

Pacifica's Democracy Now! Show Co-Host and Award Winning Journalist Amy Goodman Attempts To Debate Anti-Free Free Speech/Pacifica Theft Abettor Clayton Riley, A Recently Installed Wake-Up Call Show Co-Host The Day After Democracy Now! Co-Host Juan Gonzalez's resignation.

Rage Against The Machine to play free gig as clinton sqauks (tags)

Rage Against The Machine will play a free concert to kick off the Battle of Los Angeles

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