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pin the tale on the donkey (tags)

re: bratton/durazo mayday set-up

Tundra Disappearing At Rapid Rate (tags)

It's like it waited until conditions were just right and then it decided to get up and run, not just walk.".....This sets up a "positive feedback," the same process that is associated with the rapidly decaying Arctic ice cap.

Christian Fundamentalists-Potential Terrorists (tags)

Following the court decision striking the phrase"under God" from the Loyalty Oath("Pledge of Alligence"), Christian fundamentalists have been going ballistic. As in Islam or any religion, any group with an "our way or no way" attitude is a sure breeding ground for terror.

Terrorism: A Ruse By Any Other Name (tags)

The writer is a U.S. citizen currently applying for immigration to Canada. On the application is the question: "Have you used, planned or advocated, or been associated with a group that used, uses, advocated or advocates, the use of armed struggle or violence to reach political, religious or social objectives?" Does being associated with the U.S. count? The writer understandably chooses to use a pseudonym.

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