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Blood Enemies with the Same Goal (tags)

Mnay of us disagree with the war for different reasons. I for one am particularly disenchanted with the way this war has drawn attention away from more pressing issues and made Midlle East situations worse.

Interesting "take" on sadam pictures (tags)

Interesting take on the sadam capture photos

War for Profit. (tags)

This war was never about Sadam, or WMDs, or liberating Iraq, but about big oil company's , war industry , overdoses of corruption and profits. All the true about Carlely Group. rtsp:// de uitzending DE IJZEREN DRIEHOEK in realvideo SMALBAND tot 100 kbs&author= You never think the same again.


What really is the deal here?

Archives affirm Bush Nazi Connection (tags)

All kinds of people are defending Bush saying that he is "No Nazi," and that it is wrong to protest, but archives in Berkely and every other school, show where the ties really bind him.

Unanswered questions for Diogenes (tags)

C'mon soothsayer. You always seem to vanish when any questions come up.

Exile (tags)

Who needs either of them?

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