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Rodney Innez, A Hell’s Angels’ Tail In A Small Town (tags)

1st week of November as loads of tourist came to travel Manila, the morning is waft of it’s character so of the awareness of being not a third world. People passed at the vertical and horizon and the day is a bizarre apparition, and idiotic technique to slip the whole day down for another tomorrow, when three tourists from New Zealand came along to visit Manila Bay.

Rodney King 2 (tags)

Inglewood beating in Comparison to rodney king is Worse.

Rodney Richards, Ph.D.: Why the "HIV Tests" Can't Tell You Whether You Have HIV (tags)

Interview with Rodney Richards, Ph.D., organic chemist who spent 13 years with Amgen and Abbott Laboratories working on diagnostic tests for HIV and other microbes. Dr. Richards explains that HIV has never been isolated by classical chemical standards; all the so-called "HIV tests" look for indirect markers; and they can be used to assess a general risk for immune suppression but not for the presence of HIV.

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