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John Kerry on the Vietnam War: Earlier and Now (tags)


Phone lines, Internet cut off in Burma (tags)

Phone lines, Internet cut off in Burma

Eric McDavid's Commissary Cut Off (tags)

Your help needed...

Council minutes show Coyotl was cut off two minutes before 7 pm (tags)

The minutes of the January 3rd meeting of the Costa Mesa City Council were recently posted online by the City Clerk. Not only do they state the meeting began at 6:00 pm, but they record that Mayor Allan Mansoor declared a "recess" at 6:58 pm. This confirms what investigative journalist John Earl, myself, and others have been saying all along: that Mansoor abruptly cut off Coyotl Tezcatlipoca about 40 seconds before his time was up and he did it roughly two minutes before the 7:00 pm "deadline."

URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in Louisiana (tags)

CALL FOR URGENT RELIEF ACTION Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

Impunity for US forces in Colombia (tags)

The Bush Administration has forced Colombia to sign an accord granting immunity to US citizens that commit war crimes in Colombia. Bogotá will now need approval from Washington if they wish to hand US soldiers or other officials over to the International Criminal Court for trial.



URGENT!! All Medical Services Cut Off to Palistinians in Ramallah! (tags)

More firing on Red Cross and Red Crescent ambulances, total cut off of all medical services in Ramallah.

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