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Paraphysique de la plus-value (tags)

Les bourgeoisies récupèrent tout ce qui est récupérable...

Paraphysique de la plus-value (tags)

Toute plus-value cimente le capitalisme...

The New York Times War on Truth Revisited (tags)


NYT Russia Bashing Stench (tags)


America: Super-Bully Nation (tags)


Putin in 2012 (tags)


So he thinks it’s all over... (tags)

George Bush has announced the end of the war. But try telling that to the Shias and the Badr Brigade, says Robert Fisk

UN Authorization Can't Mke Rank Imperialism Just (tags)

If a war without UN authorization would be wrong, does that mean that a war with UN authorization would be right?

Checkmate? (tags)

Things that make you go hmmmm! as we hurtle toward the ultimate move of the 21st Century endgame under the triumphalist banner of the oil plutocrats

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