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GMA Loyalist Corpus Assumes OVA (tags)

General Victor Corpus assumes his office as Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA)in the RP Embassy in the United States, He was sworn into office by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita in Malacanang. Present OVA person General Delfin Lorenzana is by a known GMA psychopath, retired ISAFP general Victor Corpus. Corpus is a know loyal GMA supporter.

Is Bush the Lesser a Psychopath? (tags)


Let's wipe the West Bank off the map (tags)

No change ofter The Psychopath.

The Psychopath of Sabra. (tags)

Ready or not, here I come.

Final Spin (tags)

What's with the right's obsession with revising the events of the Florida vote fraud?

This Week in Rape-oops- Sports (tags)

Kobe screwed, but is his accuser screwing us?

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