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CIA Puppet Mr. Hosni Mubarak MUST STEP DOWN! (tags)

It is illogical to assume that Hosni Mubarak's firing of his underlings will somehow restore democracy to Egypt when he himself is the source of the problem! Nor is it logical or probable that a thirty year dictator will step down "nicely" or "legally". Only when the Egyptian police grow weary of brutalzing their own people and rip off their badges and join the protests demanding Mubarak's full and complete resignation will democracy begin to emerge in Egypt!

Daily Kos: CIA Engineered Controlled Opposition? (tags)

Ever wonder why you lost your posting privileges at Daily Kos after writing about the Israeli terror regime or how 9-11 was in part an inside job? This article will explain why.

The next Coming Attraction. (tags)

Now is the time to awake the people . To a prediction that if disseminated would bring to the boiling point the rage of knowing you've been lied to and B-F'ed. Big time. If ANYONE hits us, its the CRIMINAL government's fault. 'BRING IT ON?'

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