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BREAKING: Street Clashes with Police in Westlake (tags)

Monday Night 11:30 pm 9/6/10 – Clashes with police and protesters over a fatal police shooting that occurred yesterday in the community are still going on in Westlake tonight.

Video: Free Gaza Protest (tags)

LOS ANGELES, January 10, 2009 – An estimated 2,000 plus people marched through Westwood to protest the continuing Israeli invasion of Gaza. Marchers were lead by organizers working with police on a pre arranged march route. Any deviation from the set march route was not allowed. Police and organizers kept a tight lock on the marchers and lead them around in a circle through Westwood village. Much like the siege of Gaza itself police and the organizers deployed outrageously disproportional show of forces.

Greece: Anarchists riot (photos and video) (tags)

Anarchists equipped with gas masks wooden poles and Molotovs clashed with police in central Athens

Update on Panama (tags)

With some fifteen hundred Panamaños living in LA, events en la Patría are heard all over the Hemisphere.

Peaceful Demonstrators Ends With Police Aggression (tags)

Sundays peaceful demonstration ends with skirmishes between demonstrators and police.

Local Activist Arrested by Santa Ana PD (tags)

"To protect and serve?"

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