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Fascism in Charlottesville, 2017/Racism in Selma, 1965/It's still on (tags)

Like many other people, I had the feeling, that the Charlotteville disaster was a deja vu. Rights, that were fought so hard with blood, swear and tears, seemed to crumble down to nothing. Nazi marches again [although not in Nazi Germany], fascist hate, which caused a deadly victim. I just saw the film ''Selma'' about Martin Luther King's civil rights movement and although much has changed, I saw similarities in the oppression of black rights. But this is also written in memory of Heather Heyer and the others, who payed with their lives in the anti racist struggle. It's still on.

Khader Adnan: Freed for How Long? (tags)


why are the FBI in the subway? (tags)

Jonathan Smith, geodesic domes (tags)

Interview with Jonathan Smith about building disposable geodesic domes.

Billboard Blitz to Blast Hollywood Liberals (tags)

Right Wingers feel to the need to rub the Bush victory in the face of Hollywood liberals. Wonder how long they last before they get vandalized.

The War Plan (tags)

Needless to say, the Democrats have no actual plan of their own, unless "surrender" counts as a plan.

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