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Brazilian writer more sold in the USA is not the best Brazilian writer.

Cien horas con Fidel en Feria de Guadalajara (tags)

Cien horas con Fidel, libro del periodista franco-espaƱol Ignacio Ramonet, es una de las fuertes apuestas de Random House Mondadori en la feria de Guadalajara

Big Dough=Status Quo/ABC=Already Been Chosen, Please Fall in Line (tags)

Applause for Dennis at events the day after,the remarks broke into public AWAREness in a dramatic Way , a powerful Impression simply seeking to imperatively broaden debate!, --from Democracy NOW interview where executive top down decision called it mundanely Decided? The exec. said the protests were unfair and UNfortunate, You know whats REALLY Unfortunate? it is 2003! And it might as well BE 19Seventy ThREE, 1963! Trickle-Down Reality Control? We SAY Bubble up Truth, People of the Web---Close the Wisdom Gap! NO! Pop-Up ad Policies, when is the next debate? RoadReport from PeaceWalkers,claiming no debate necessary at end of post.

Thank you, Mr. Bush (tags)

From the Folha de Sao Paolo newspaper

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