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global depression

Papering Over Disaster (tags)

class war

Troubled Eurozone Finance Capital (tags)


Libya: Coming Waste, Fraud, and Other Forms of Plunder on a Grand Scale (tags)


The Logic of Imperial Insanity and the Road to World War III plus many mirrors (tags)

"Obama wasted no time in rapidly accelerating America’s imperial adventures. While dropping the term “War on Terror” from usage, the Pentagon adopted the term, “overseas contingency operations.”[4] This was to be the typical strategy of the Obama administration: change the appearance, not the substance. The name was changed, but the “War on Terror” remained, and not only that, it was rapidly accelerated to a level that would not have been possible if undertaken by the previous administration."

Imperial America's End Time (tags)

not imminent but coming

Global Depression and Regional Wars - Part II (tags)

continued imperial plunder

Global Depression and Regional Wars (tags)

economic hard times and wars

Will Venezuelan Destabilization Follow the Honduran Coup? (tags)

Obama targets Chavez

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