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Israel Conditions Palestinian Hunger Striker's Release on Accepting Forced Exile (tags)


Palestinian Family Victimized by Immolation Ineligible for Compensation (tags)


Endless Nakba (tags)


Israel Murders Journalists (tags)


Hunger Striking for Liberation and Justice (tags)


One-Sided Human Rights Council Vote on Syria (tags)


Kerrys Peace Plan: Worthless (tags)


Israel's Deplorable Human Rights Record (tags)


New Israeli Discriminatory Laws Tabled (tags)


Israel' 19th Knesset (tags)


Rare Israeli Justice (tags)


Profile of Institutionalized Racism (tags)


Israel's Gulag Prison Hell (tags)


Israel Lawlessly Indicts MK Sa'id Naffa (tags)


Terrorizing Palestinians and Israeli Arabs (tags)


Repression in Israel and Bahrain (tags)

police state

Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism (tags)

state terror

New Israeli Discriminatory Laws (tags)


Oppressing West Bank Palestinian Children (tags)


Commemorating Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)


Institutionalized Arab Inequality in Israel (tags)


Israel's Sham Democracy (tags)

democracy in name only

Unrecognized Palestinians: Illegally Demolishing Their Homes and Villages (tags)

actions against Israeli citizens

Avigdor Lieberman: A Profile in Ultranationalist Extremism (tags)

a rogue Israeli politician

Israeli Academic Freedom at Rish (tags)

israeli free expression endangered

Palestinian Detainee Abuse During Operation Cast Lead (tags)

clear evidence of Israeli war crimes

Gazans Denied Medical Care Under Siege (tags)

more evidence of Israeli oppression

Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Goldstone Commission II Essential (tags)

independent investigation essential

Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Where are the Missing? (tags)

There was a shot every minute in the Israeli pirate attack on the Gaza Humanitarian Flotilla, with an entire hour of shooting and killing. At least six people remain unaccounted for. 54 people were admitted to Israeli hospitals where many have undergone surgery and are in intensive care. This massacre was paid for with US tax dollars.

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists (tags)

Silencing dissent

Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)

bogusly accused Palestinians

Freedom of Association Restrictions and Discrimination in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

destructive Israeli policies

Palestinian Dispossession in East Jerusalem (tags)

Israeli ethnic cleansing to make E. Jerusalem exclusively Jewish

Israeli Settlement Expansions Continue (tags)

all Israeli settlements are illegal

Israeli Prohibitions Against Free Expression and "Enemy Alien" Contacts (tags)

Erosion of civil liberties in Israel

Israeli Theft of Palestinian Property (tags)

Israeli ethnic cleansing

Israel's Discriminatory Land Policies (tags)

Israeli laws sanction Palestinian land theft

Investigating Israeli War Crimes in Gaza (tags)

evidence of Israeli war crimes

Israel's Illegal Annexation of East Jerusalem (tags)

Israeli ethnic cleansing

Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza (tags)

Israeli war crimes

Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide

Anti-Arab Racism and Incitement in Israel (tags)

For more on this subject, the excellent documentary "Lessons In Hate" is required viewing. I thought it would find Palestinian schools disseminating hateful material, as the Israeli line goes. However, the producers found that, whereas Palestinian schools teach the reality of the conflict (what the Zionists refer to as 'spreading hate'), Israeli curriculum disseminates Revisionism to Israel's children, breeding misunderstanding and perpetuating hatred. This is designed, of course, to allow the Extremists who design this curriculum, to fool its population into allowing it to perpetuate its war to eliminate Palestine.

Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion" (tags)

Israel's imperial plan.

Life in Occupied Gaza (tags)

The current Gaza crisis reviewed.

Israel's Extremists Plotting Nuclear Strike (tags)

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