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Call out for images and stories about innovative and satirical political pranks, scams, street art and direct action from the U.S.

Anti-G8 Protest Successful in Russia (tags)

author: LINK/Berlin anti-G8 Press Group

RADICAL CHEERLEADERS: Feminist Fun at Protests! (tags)

Leading leftist cheers, with black DIY pom-poms made from trash bags, in pig tails, and combat boots, Radical Cheerleaders educate their audience while focusing the energy, as their performances deescalate fear and tension at protests.

Whose Police? Our Police! (tags)

"Whose fucking police? Our fucking police!" chant Philly ACT UP. “The people who chant this will never be creative. The people, bad slogans, will always be defeated.” New twists on tired slogans, new tactics such as coming as protesting the protest...for fun!

Resistance in Occupied Miami (tags)


Freedom Fries Follies: Celebrating the Arts of Dissent (tags)

Freedom Fries Follies: Celebrating the Arts of Dissent will bring together a diverse group of artists to express their opposition to war, poverty, and injustice through music, poetry, spoken word, irreverent wit, and drama.

Highland Park's Own Radical Cheerleaders (tags)

LA Peace Movement on the Rise....

The Radical Cheerleaders (tags)

The "Radical Cheerleaders" perform at the Anti-FTAA Teach In at the Unitarian Church in Hillcrest on Friday night before the protest at San Ysidro.

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