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The Radical Teen Cheerleaders (tags)

"We're teens, we're cute, we're radical to boot We're angry, we're tough, and we have had enough Are we straight? Are we queer? We're just tired of ignorant fear We're diverse and we're proud, no one's going to keep us down!" -- Radical Teen Cheer

RADICAL CHEERLEADERS: Feminist Fun at Protests! (tags)

Leading leftist cheers, with black DIY pom-poms made from trash bags, in pig tails, and combat boots, Radical Cheerleaders educate their audience while focusing the energy, as their performances deescalate fear and tension at protests.

Highland Park's Own Radical Cheerleaders (tags)

LA Peace Movement on the Rise....

The Radical Cheerleaders (tags)

The "Radical Cheerleaders" perform at the Anti-FTAA Teach In at the Unitarian Church in Hillcrest on Friday night before the protest at San Ysidro.

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