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Russia v. America on Syria (tags)


Proposed European Army: Good Idea or Bad? (tags)


The Great American Lying Machne (tags)


NATO Commander Lies Claiming Possible Russian Invasion of Ukraine (tags)


Stop the Wall Activism (tags)


Saber Rattling Ahead of Resumed Ukraine Conflict (tags)


America: Humanity's Greatest Threat (tags)


The Oslo Attacks: More False Flag Evidence (tags)

false flag

Submarine U-864 covering causes strong opposition against the norwegian government (tags)

U-864, a German submarine sunk after being struck by a torpedo in 1945. Now it lays in tree parts on 150 metres depth outside Fedje, close to Bergen in Norway. U-864 contained about 65 tons of Mercury, hidden in steel bottles in the keel. Two parts of the boat is found, but still a part is missing, containing about 17 tons of Mercury. The norwegian government wants to cover the wreck, but a strong opposition with the local community, environmental organisations and local politicians is striving to get the wreck lifted and secure the Mercury from the environment.

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