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Time For Amtrak To Allow Pets And Carry More Vegan Options (tags)

Over 150 million American human caregivers for pets are excluded by Amtrak from their right to travel with pets


DE GRUY & ASSOCIATES LAUNCHES THE PATIENT ADVOCACY EXCHANGE (September 24, 2012) ->> Statistics show that 9 out of 10 hospital/medical bills are incorrect in excess on the average of $1,300, patients are in some cases paying more than their share. And meanwhile, patients are falling out of their beds and battling bedsores or physical abuse or records are not always accurate and traceable. At home, some find it difficult to keep up with their treatments, take their medication properly, and lose track of doctor’s appointments. And patients in nursing homes aren’t being monitored by their families.

Majority of 600 hospital workers at Providence Tarzana vote to join NUHW (tags)

Victory at union's second Catholic health system also marks beginning of campaign by 13,000 workers at Catholic Healthcare West

Centinela Hospital workers petition to quit SEIU and join NUHW (tags)

Caregivers cite SEIU corruption, labor law violations, and secrecy around recent contract failure

Failing Senior Care System Burdening Families (tags)

The war is still the number one issue in the 2008 Elections, but even as we work to bring this war to an end, it is essential that the country look at real solutions rather than illusory for-profit “solutions” to our basic problems: the crisis facing an aging working class, poverty, homelessness, the cost of living, low wages, inflation, the recession, and many other issues on a national agenda of things-to-do. The government must take care of seniors and relieve their families, friends and caregivers of the financial burden.

California RNs to Picket Gov. Schwarzenegger at 'Women's Conference' (tags)

Registered nurses and other caregivers represented by the California Nurses Association and SEIU Locals 660 and 121 RN from dozens of hospitals across Southern California will rally against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger outside his Women's Conference this Tuesday, to protest his attempt to erode a state law that ensures safety protections for hospital patients.

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