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Greg Stanton's Tires Slashed (tags)

When you are running for an office which essentially is the top boss of a legalized form of the Mafia things like this are expected. Does Greg Stanton really think people will love him for stealing their money and giving it to the special interest groups that help him get elected?


4.8 BILLION dollars PROPOSED budget cuts in education. 1,000's of teacher/support staff layoffs. Educational Programs slashed. Bussing slashed. School closures. Class-size reduction vanishing. DO SOMETHING!!!

US slashes AFP aid to RP, cites corruption, killings (tags)

he United States has slashed its development and military assistance to the Philippines from $116.6 million in 2008 to $99.2 million in 2009, citing corruption and extra-judicial killings as reasons, a report yesterday said. In its 2009 congressional budget justification report for East Asia and the Pacific, the State Department said the aid for the Philippines “represents an overall decrease from the FY 2008 level.”

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