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state parties

Israeli Ruthlessness 101 (tags)


Nobel Hypocrisy Repeats (tags)

peace prize

Testimonies Prove Israel Tortures Palestinian Children (tags)


Mistreating Palestinian Children (tags)


Genocide in Bani Walid (tags)


Israeli Declared an Apartheid State (tags)


America's Illegal Chemical Weapons Stockpile (tags)

chemical weapons

Denying Palestinian Children Education (tags)

state terror

They're Coming: Freedom Flotilla Two and Others Planned (tags)

They're coming until the Gaza siege ends

Indoctrinating Israeli Youths to be Warriors (tags)

Israel is a modern day Sparta

Child Slavery in Haiti (tags)

abusing Haitian children

Looking back on the Clinton legacy (tags)

Well... according to a few links which I have reciently come across,

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