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Israel Called Biggest Threat to World Peace (tags)


BTL:Former President Aristide's Attorney: Washington Gave "Green Light" for Duvalier's Arr (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES - A four-time winner of the Connecticut Associated Press Broadcast Award for Best Feature in the non-commercial category, this syndicated, half-hour program provides a platform for individuals and spokespersons from progressive organizations generally ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media. Between the Lines covers a wide range of political, economic and social topics.

I'm kidding (tags)

This is just a joke, folks. No one in their right mind would try to

Leftist solon gets green light to leave RP (tags)

REPRESENTATIVE Satur Ocampo finally got the green light to board his flight to Frankfurt Friday night after the Department of Justice (DoJ) allowed him to leave the country. "The Arroyo government tried but failed to stop me from going to Geneva,” said Ocampo, who has been accused of plotting a coup against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Questioning a War Time President (tags)

The Lyndon Johnson factor.....

Sharon & Powell - Like Peas in a Pod (tags)

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Secretary of State Colin Powell plot in Jerusalem June 20, 2003. Powell branded Hamas an "enemy of peace", calling for stepped-up international pressure against it and other militant groups. This can only be seen as a "Green Light" for Sharon to continue military attacks against Palestinian organizations (Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters)

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