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Reagan Revisionism: Planned Centennial Commemoration Hoopla (tags)


Obama's New Appointments (tags)

as bad as the others

Reviewing David Edwards and David Cromwell's Guardians of Power (tags)

A powerful critique of the dominant media

The War on Working Americans - Part II (tags)

Part II of how American workers are losing out.

Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them? (tags)

Resource wars will destroy all planetary life.

Review of End Times (tags)

The dismal state of the corporate print media.

US of Amnesia - Chavez or Bush Choose (tags)

Forget lobbying, and all environmental, social justice and other organizing in the USA! It will never work – never change anything soon – and causes more problems than it solves. The Andes have a lot to teach us and a world to win - a dollar a year from every person in the USA could make the difference.


The Washington press corps is wowed by George W. Bush's handling of the China-plane crisis…the credulous treatment of the spin coming out of the White House is reminiscent of the Reagan-Bush era when author Mark Hertsgaard aptly described the national press corps as "on bended knee" before Ronald Reagan....

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