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national insurance institute

Treating Peace Process Delusional Disorder in Israel and Worldwide (tags)

It looks at the problem of peace process addiction and how to cure it.

Protesting Social Injustice by Self-Immolation (tags)


Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills (tags)


Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands (tags)

class war

Freedom of Association Restrictions and Discrimination in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

destructive Israeli policies

Israeli Democracy or Hypocrisy (tags)

Its illusory even for Jews

How Israel failed its Arab citizens before, during and after war (tags)

After the war, the Education Ministry hired extra psychologists to work with Jewish children and issued counsellors with special kits on how to identify and deal with post-traumatic disorders. The same services were not offered in Arab communities. The Ministry said it could not hire Arab psychologists because there were not enough qualified candidates among the Arab population.


It surveys the Israeli government's attempt to liberate the economy from socialist occupation. It looks at the fight over the just passed 2005 budget and gives a cautious "green light" to the direction of the reforms.

Forbidden Families (tags)

ETHNIC CLEANSING AT WORK US Tax dollars $upport this treatment of a people: ethnic cleansing

Netanyahu attacks-Israeli working class responds (tags)

Israeli working class

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