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Tax haven USA wants to dry up other tax havens (tags)

Two US states lure with particularly lax laws for companies. Constructions such as mailbox companies, which help to conceal the true owners of companies, are flourishing. The American government can certainly be accused of double standards in this matter:

Rollback of the Elite (tags)

The opposition senator Jeanine Anez appointed herself the new "president." The trigger for the coup was the election on October 20. President Evo Morales was declared the winner with 47% of the vote and a difference of 10 points from the conservative candidate.

The US Tramples on International Law (tags)

The US surprise attack on Iraq in March 2003 was a primal catastrophe. International law was eliminated and replaced by the imperial dictatorship of the US. Those who destroyed a whole people and have a million casualties on their conscience are not punished in any way.

Call on Bernie Sanders to Withdraw His Call to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela (tags)

Last week a campaign was launched by KPFK host Eric Mann to tell Bernie we disapprove of his stance on Venezuela.

Venezuela and International Law (tags)

International law professors explain a US military incursion in Venezuela would violate the UN Charter. "All nations must desist from any threat or use of force in their international relations. The media and governments denounce violations of international law very selectively.

The US under President Trump: Gravedigger of International Law (tags)

The US collaboratively built international law and its institutions and had an authoritative influence for more than 100 years.The US shows an unparalleled contempt for international law by recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights.

Venezuela Presents Human Rights Development Program (tags)

In a televised speech held at Caracas‘ Oil Well Security Headquarters in front of operators, researchers, managers, emergency personnel, foreign embassy staff and officials concerned, Venezuelan President Maduro on Friday presented a 2x23mn barrel development aid program projected to improve the human rights situation under the Trump administration in Unitedstates. The package is directed at specific recipients in the political backyard of alternative-left impeachment succession candidate Sanders; thereby aiming to break the chains of commercial domination over the political process in the multiplier breeding state.

61 Reasons To Vote Against Hillary Clinton (tags)

California's primary can change the world.

The 12 Wars And Bombed Countries of Clinton and Obama (tags)

The California primary can change the destiny of the planet. Please vote against Clinton and Trump.

A Case Against Hillary Clinton, Candidate Of Endless War (tags)

More hawkish than Obama, more willing to murder prisoners than her husband, a tyrant who woudl force parents to submit their chidlren to toxic vaccines, Clinton is tied to the military industrial complex

44 Reasons To Say No To Hillary Clinton (tags)

The Huffington Post has reported that 33% of Sanders voters will not vote for Clinton. Some will vote third party. Some will vote for Trump. Some will not vote. Bernie Sanders has won 19 states. In May he won West Virginia by 15%. Please help elect him president

Hillary's Guns, Hillary's Consequences (tags)

Should someone you love die in Hillary's illegal immoral bankrupting wars Hillary Clinton has spread poverty in the US by promoting the diversion of money from schools, hospitals, bridges, firefighting planes, etc. to endless war in 7 illegal war zones

18 Reasons To Vote Against Henhawk Hillary (tags)

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War fiasco which has created incredible suffering for soldiers and civilians, a war which has cost trillions Its only consequence has been to multiply hatred of Americans around the world and to spawn ISIL

Irresponsible NYT and CNN Venezuela Bashing (tags)


Pominent Rabbi Wants Jews Given Special Permission to Carry Guns (tags)


WJ Columnist Mary O'Grady: US Imperial Tool (tags)


Dueling Ideologies: America v. Russia and Venezuela (tags)


Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela (tags)


Obama Planning War on Syria? (tags)


NATO's propaganda outlet for progressives - The Guardian's board members (tags)

It is completely disingenuous for anyone to suggest that the Guardian reports on Edward Snowden's revelations are much more than a carefully managed propaganda exercise deployed in the internal power struggle of the US-Anglo elite about how best to manage their declining global power and influence. Likewise, it is absurd to suggest that the Guardian editors are implementing a "publish and be damned" policy, as Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald has suggested, when it is inconceivable that their editorial policy on publishing Edward Snowden's material will not have been closely coordinated on the basis of the Board's relations with colleagues in the British government, in British intelligence and in the US-Anglo corporate sector.

Washington Abuses Indian Diplomat (tags)

police state

Bolivarianism Triumphs (tags)


Fact Check on Venezuela's Economy (tags)


Vilifying Venezuela's Maduro (tags)


Waging Economic War on Venezuela (tags)


Venezuela Bashing (tags)


Iranians Vote (tags)


Obama's Contempt for Venezuelan Democracy (tags)


Venezuela's Maduro Inaugurated (tags)


The Shortwave Report 04/19/13 Listen Globally! (tags)

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, the Voice of Russia, Spanish National Radio, and NHK World Radio Japan.

Washington v. Venezuela (tags)


Venezuela: Post-Election Sour Grapes (tags)


Chavismo Wins (tags)


Venezuelans Vote (tags)


Attacking Venezuela's Democratic Process (tags)


Destabilizing Venezuela: Longstanding US Policy (tags)


A Nation Mourns (tags)


President Hugo Chavez has Died (tags)

Workers Action joins the progressive peoples of the world in experiencing a loss with the passing of Hugo Chavez, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It will be up to the working class of Venezuela and its allies to carry forward the socialist revolution that Chavez so courageously launched and that has been serving as a beacon for revolutionaries around the globe, while surrounded by a capitalist world that is mired in war, poverty, and environmental destruction.

Chavez Inauguration Postponed (tags)


Major Media Promote War on Libya (tags)


Ecuador se repone del intento de golpe (tags)

"La declaración final de la reunión de emergencia convocada para ayer en Buenos Aires, repudió "enérgicamente el intento de golpe de Estado y el secuestro" sufrido por el presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, a la vez que advirtió que "no tolerarán" desafíos "a la autoridad institucional ni golpes de Estado" en Sudamérica. Mientras, el presidente Correa decretó tres días de duelo nacional por las víctimas de la crisis estallada ayer, tras la sublevación de miembros de la policía e intentos de "boicotear" el estado de derecho, publicó EFE. El país retorna a la normalidad y se inician investigaciones para determinar los culpables y juzgarlos."

Targeting Hugo Chavez (tags)

The dominant media assault continues

Targeting Aristide in Exile (tags)

the way all independents are treated

Todo listo para operación humanitaria en Colombia (tags)

En declaraciones desde la Casa de Nariño, el Comisionado para la Paz, Luis Carlos Restrepo, expresó la disposición del gobierno a garantizar el rápido desarrollo de la operación, que sería realizada de conjunto entre Venezuela, Colombia y el Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR)

Coup E'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela (tags)

The Bush administration aims to crush democracy in Venezuela.

Roostin' chickens or sittin' ducks in WTC on 9/11?? (tags)

The continued claims by "leftist" gatekeepers that the GW Bush regime's 9/11 commission reports are factual and there was no government complicity in the WTC collapse is becoming increasingly suspect..

Chavez strikes deal with Goebbels Murdoch (tags)

Goebbels to run Venezuela's media.

Democrats defend “our president” against international criticism (tags)

The pretense that the Democratic Party represents some sort of opposition to the Bush administration was punctured again last week when leading Democrats vociferously condemned the anti-Bush speech given by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to the United Nations General Assembly.

Bolivarian revolution takes steps against capitalism expropiating factories-landed states (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

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