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foreign minister tzipi livni

One-Sided Human Rights Council Vote on Syria (tags)


Israel Calls for US Blockade of Iran (tags)

The antiwar voices that brought Pelosi to power need to pay very close attention to this.

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

Like the Germans of the 30's, Israelis can't claim they don't know what their Government is doing. Likewise, Americans can't claim they don't know what is being paid for with their tax dollars.

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

Condi dances for peace (tags)

Taht's the only peace she will get

Israel may get F-22s (tags)

"The United States would be inclined to allow the sale of advanced stealth F-22 fighter jets to the Israeli Air Force if the State of Israel's security was in jeopardy, former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen told The Jerusalem Post Thursday night."

Indefinate war (tags)

That's what we have now because israel wants it so.

Tzipi's nightmare (tags)

has come about

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