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Fbi crimes and cover-up by local authorities (tags)

Fbi deletes this report everywhere I publish it.

Senate voted 80-17 to confirm Hilda Solis as President Obama's Secretary of Labor (tags)

Hilda Solis Confirmed YES! The Department of Management Will Now Be Known as the Department of The Workers Rights!

Tomorrow the Senate takes its first vote to confirm Hilda Solis as our Secretary of Labor (tags)

Take Action Now! Contact Your Senators Tell Them to Confirm Solis as our next Secretary of Labor

Republican Senators Say They Will Hold Up Solis Nomination. (tags)

We say Solis For Labor Secretary Now!


Out of the shadows, they dare speak out and fight for their rights openly. Four daring so called “ undocumented students” called the “ Underground Undergrads” namely Angelo Mathay, Stephanie Solis, Zeenat Bhamani and Tam Tran speaks out in a Community Forum last August 10th, 2008. at Remy’s on Temple, Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles.

Huwag nang buhayin pa ang bangkay - KMU (tags)

" Huwag nang buhayin pa ang bangkay." Ito ang pagsasalarawang sinabi ng militanteng Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) sa posisyon ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo na buhayin ang Anti-Subversion Law bilang bahagi ng anti-insurgency campaign ng gobyerno. Inihayag kahapon ni PGMA ang pagsuporta niya sa plano ni Cong. Jose Solis na ibalik ang Anti-subversion Law na pinawalambisa noong 1992.

Soldiers break free of the nightmare (tags)

Soldiers Miss Flights Back to Iraq Few of More Than 30 Absent Troops Offer Explanation By Steve Vogel Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, October 21, 2003; Page A20

Town Hall and March on Welfare Reform (tags)

1,000 LA Low-Income Family Members and Supporters to Gather for Town Hall and March on Welfare Reform Legislation Pending in Congress

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