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THE JESUS LIE . 12 (tags)

jesus is fiction

BTL:Is the Wall Street Occupation a Spark that Can Ignite a New U.S. Economic Justice Move (tags)

Interview with Chris Hedges, author of "The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress", conducted by Scott Harris

Oaxaca - The Spark of Revolution (tags)

Hundreds mourn the death of APPA protestor Alejandro Garcia Hernandez in Oaxaca

SPARK Screening "Hearts and Minds" (tags)

SPARK Screening "Hearts and Minds"

"Kill Them All" (SPARK movie and public meeting) (tags)

SPARK movie and public meeting at UCLA.

Spark Movie Showing ("Hearts and Minds") (tags)

A Spark event at UCLA.

the Spark (the Oil Factor) (tags)

the Oil Factor

the Spark (tags)

The Oil Factor

Spark Film and Forum (tags)

"Eugene Debs and the American Movement"

A Spark Forum on the U.S. Health Care Crisis (tags)

Spark Forum and Discussion

Black Panthers & the Attica Prison Rebellion (tags)

Spark: Movie Showing and Discussion at UCLA

The Sparticists Are Disgusting (tags)

The Sparticist League would rather interrupt meetings than hold their own.

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