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military order number

UN Human Rights Committee Denounces US Human Rights Record (tags)

police state

Globalized Torture (tags)


America Lurches Toward Full-Blown Tryanny (tags)


Continuity of Government: Coup d'Etat Authority in America (tags)

America on a fast track toward despotism

Political Prisoners in America (tags)

many languish in US prisons

Targeted Assassinations: Challenging US Policy (tags)

In America, the rule of law is dead

Using Alleged Terrorism to Escalate Wars and Homeland Repression (tags)

NY bomb incident may unleash a wave of homeland repression

The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act (tags)

a new police state act

America's Secret Prisons (tags)

America's global gulag

ICRC's Damning Expose of US Torture (tags)

torture remains policy

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