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Venezuela – El Libertario #65: Opening up free spaces (tags)

The February-March 2012 issue of this voice for anarchist action and thought is out, as always committed to liberty and equality in solidarity since 1995. This issue includes the following:

From the XVI SYWF to the VI WSF: Chavez's shindig in Venezuela (tags)

* From El Libertario, # 44 September-October 2005, voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas, exposing the show of international mega-ceremonies the Chavez regime uses to try and acquire revolutionary legitimacy by means of petro-dollars and verbosity.

Del XVI FMJE al VI FSM: Las pachangas de Chávez en Venezuela (tags)

* Artículo de El Libertario, # 44, septiembre-octubre 2005, donde se expone el tinglado de las mega-ceremonias internacionales con las que el régimen chavista pretende adquirir legitimidad revolucionaria a punta de petrodólares y palabrería.

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