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Occupy Riverside Festival of Rights (tags)

November 25, 2011
RIVERSIDE (California) - While Occupy Riverside celebrated "Buy Nothing Day," the remainder of the 99% who have yet to abandon the consumerist habits that are destroying the planet shopped at Black Friday's holiday sales. The last several years of this display of vacuous capitalism has been fêted by the city's ruling class with the "Festival of Lights," a ritualized lighting of an electrified Christmas Tree. This year, Occupy Riverside was on hand to intervene with its own "Festival of Rights."

Capitalists, Global Warming, and the Climate Justice Movement (tags)

(This essay was published in Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, #54, Summer 2010, pages 23-28. For this internet edition I've made a few more changes and additions). An urgent analysis of the climate crisis and call to action.

Democracia e Insurrección en Grecia y el Mundo (tags)

Martes, el 9 de marzo, 2010
CLAREMONT, California - Para proporcionar un gusto de anarquismo e insurreccionismo al estilo griego, Peter Gelderloos, autor de Cómo la no-violencia protege el estado, acompañado de dos compañrxs griegxs del Void Network, Tasos Sagris y Sissy Doutsiou, dio una serie de pláticas.
Read this article in English: Democracy and Insurrection in Greece and the World

Democracy and Insurrection in Greece and the World (tags)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
CLAREMONT, California - Southern California got a taste of Greek-style anarchism and insurrection in a series of talks given by Peter Gelderloos, author of How Nonviolence Protects the State, and Greek comrades from the Void Network Tasos Sagris and Sissy Doutsiou. With Audio.
Leer este artículo en español: Democracia e Insurrección en Grecia y el Mundo

Book Review: Peter Gelderloos' How Nonviolence Protects the State (tags)

Read the review that Peter Gelderloos called "assinine and misleading" and Chuck O called "Bill White Lite." Try to read Pete's book too. It's fucking hilarious. Don't miss out on what 1100 other anarchists have already read!

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