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Fbi fights for power and glory (tags)

This parable captures the reality of two worlds forged by fbi, one where fbi controls the love song and the other where fbi delivers the death blow.

Peace and Freedom Party Statement on Wisconsin's Worker and Student Demonstrations (tags)

Peace & Freedom Party Stands in Solidarity with Wisconsin's Worker and Student Demonstrations

libertarianism (tags)

END TO END EVIL: The Real Abramoff Story (tags)

Filling in the blanks left by the mainstream media.

Gay-marriage foe fails to make case (tags)

Abaham Lincoln said, "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." I suggest that anyone who would deny those different from themselves the freedom to marry should look in the mirror and try a little introspection.

US Will Deny Aid To Countries re: ICC (tags)

US Will Deny (Bribes) To Countries That Refuse Court Immunity Deals

htaccess denial list (tags)

Are you being harassed by KOBE members? Are you tired of Zionist hate groups visiting your website? Wish to block the feds, rent-a-cops, and defense contractors? Use this .htaccess list.

Zapatistas deny Marcos is sick, wounded or dead (tags)

For the past two weeks there have persistant rumors that Zapatista rebel leader Subcomandante Marcos is ill, wounded or dead. Zapatista leaders deny the rumor as a lie by the Mexican Government.

United States of Amnesia (tags)

United States of Amnesia

Deny Them Their Victory: A Religious Response to Terrorism (tags)

American religious leaders offer a 3-fold response: "First, we must find a word of consolation for the untold pain and suffering of our people…. Second, we offer a word of sober restraint as our nation discerns what its response will be. We must not retaliate in ways that bring more loss of innocent life…. Third, we face deep and profound questions of what this attack on America will do to us as a nation. The terrorists have offered us a stark view of the world they would create. But we can deny them their victory by refusing to submit to a world created in their image."

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