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Cindy Sheehan (Linked to a Film) (tags)

On Mach 20, 2006, at a Pentagon-related protest action, Cindy Sheehan denounced the Bush-Cheney Gang, the Iraqi War and military spending. She also called for a "Peace Department." Video: 8 min. 12 sec. duration, at:

Pentagon Gets Coffin, While Protesters Get Arrested! (tags)

Activists marched on the Pentagon, on March 20, 2006. In a direct action, a symbolic coffin was hoisted over a fence by the protesters at the facility, located in northern Virginia, just opposite Washington, D.C. About 20 demonstrators were arrested. The “Iraq Pledge of Resistance” organization sponsored the event on the third anniversary of the bloodbath in Iraq. A prayer was also offered near the Pentagon to honor all of the Iraqi dead.

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