Mass Mind Control

by bg Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2022 at 1:33 AM

Mind Control is intentional harm, violence. It is the influencing of someones thinking through manipulation and adversity. Secrecy is the main ingredient in successful mind control.

More than once during my 5 decades of research I have been told by different adepts, trained by different governments, that the goal is always the same: to turn a subject 180 degrees away from what they "Were". This very rarely occurs but it is the agenda of any consciously contrived mind control plan.

Even if a person is turned away from their usual thinking only 10%, that amounts to cognitive dissonance at least. Abrupt, unsuspected, insidious psychological harm, causing future aberrations such as self destruction or berserker modes, like money in the bank, just awaiting the right triggers. They love to kill a subjects cats or dogs as trigger to violence, its the way they are, in this place where you live.

Overall, mind controllers want to create a subconscious confusion, splitting of the personality, a fracturing, which also happens to be necessary for more refined types of mind control. Things like Marionette Programming, which has been used in many ways for a long time, and is behind Manchurian Candidates, other deep cover human weapons, and slaves.


Its bad enough when you know things are being done to you, but all my observations, and they are many, indicate the effects are 100 to 1000 times worse when its being done to you, and you do not have a clue. Ultimately fatal unless you turn. Paranoia is not what gets people in trouble, it is a lack of it, whether through ignorance or disability.

When harm is done to you with energies like laser, microwave, ultrasound, and who knows what else, that is Electronic Mind Control. Dreamed about for centuries by the controller class, it has only come to real fruit in the last 50 years or so. It is supremely valuable because without specialized equipment it is undetectable, invisible. Deniable.

Far larger, and by far the more effective, is Mind Control OTE, Other Than Electronic. No matter the sophistication of electronic mind control, it is still nothing compared to OTE mind control. That has been the realm of religion forever. Also, money, denial of it, is a big pressure utilized by the agents of OTE mind control.

In his book about controlling plantation slaves, Lynch wrote that direct punishment of an offender rarely made enough of an impression to quell belligerence. He said if you have one slave in particular giving trouble you call everyone together and publicly hang his mother or his wife or daughter. That worked almost every time. A pure and powerful demoralization. I doubt if anyone in America would not agree that we all have endurd a pure and powerful demoralization en masse, for our whole lives. Steady and sure. Powerful and pure.

Modern mind control is tailored to fit a certain subject, and therefore a lot must be known about the subject first. This helps explain the invasive-intrusive surveillance state which has become commonplace in America since the coup @ 911. Mind control in America today is really 3 fold, a triad made of electronic mind control, OTE mind control, and pharmaceutical drugs. A lot of the pharmaceutical drugs are being created for their reactions with electronic fields. FYI.

Regular marijuana users seem immune to a lot of mind control, and it is probably why the drug was illegal for so long, and still is in some backwaters.

Many mind control subjects are the people going off with guns, or committing other heinous/violent deeds. A lot of people targeted with gizmos are media figures doing public appearances. There are some really good instances of British royalty being hit with directed energy weapons and knowing it. A lot of that activity is inside places where a lot of flashbulbs are going off, or there is odd lighting, like concerts and nightclubs.

There are many other examples too. It was no coincidence Ronald Reagan recovered quickly every time he left the Whitehouse after his shooting by the bush mole Hinckley, but relapsed every time he returned to the DC residence. Thats because his VP Bush was using/testing directed energy weapons on him. Nancy knew, but called in the psychics versus the sigints people. The creation of varying levels of unease/disease is a Large part of mind control. Someone wearing an anthrax sore or weaponized monkey pox is MUCH more sensitive to directed energy beam weapons than joe street guy.

The electronic attack on Ronbo definitely took some years off his life, and followed the program of using electronics to make woundings worse. The initial and overall goal was assassination of RR, so the ex cia chief Jorge I could take over, but Hinckley was just a straight up fuck up who couldn't even get that right, no matter how set up he was. The secret Military Spook Industrial Government of the time was scraping the bottom of the barrel with Hinckley, most assuredly. It was some other peoples opinion that a discreet and painless scraping of mommy Hinckleys womb would have been better, done the world a service.

We will never know the persons abortions took, but we know plenty who should have been aborted at the earliest opportunity, so lets not beat ourselves up over all that ridiculous bullshit shall we? Sometimes you need to go with what your eyes tell you, 'K?

As far as electronic mind control is concerned, there is a Vast Cultivated Ignorance, a training away from the fact that yes, this can and does happen more and more every day, and it has been going on awhile now. It has grown a lot.

Because of this created ignorance about mind control, especially electronic mind control, there is near zero use of detectors (Except classified detectors used by the military and police) that would alert people to the fact someone has a laser, or microwave beam weapon on them, or they just got whiffed with anthrax, or weaponised botulism. I tried to obtain a catalog of security items about 15 years ago, it was a three thousand dollar a year subscription, 2 issues.

So the absence of counter measures is also contrived, restricted to a wealthy secret predator class sponsored at the highest levels. Whoop whoop! Thats the sound of the police. Whoop whoop! Thats the sound of the beast. Overseer overseer! Officer officer!

During mind control operations there are multiple staff working per subject, and many things are called into action. In NM it is, more than anything, a government spending orgy deakling strictly with concocted but secret stories. this will stay in place for as long as the debt capacity remains usable.

Some of the earliest complaints by subjects of mind control targeting involved multiple staff making determined efforts to deny a subject sleep. The use of hidden microphones was noted more than once. Now, everyone always has a microphone nearby in the form of their cellphone, and believe it sincerely that these can be activated and used as surveillance devices for all kinds of purposes. with aerosol aurorae being sprayed in the sky which are just mirrors and lenses for Over The Horizon signals of top secret types, sleep denial is not only a premier treatment of all mind control subjects, but easy and deniable. This will quickly cause cognitive dissonance, and make other more invasive Mind Control much more effective.

When certain types of aerosol spraying take place over my location there is a created insomnia that has gone on many times for many days. There is even something they have that has made me bite the living piss out of my tongue right before falling into an insomnia induced exhaustion. Then you never sleep. This is after days of created insomnia when the body says to hell with it all, I am sleeping no matter what. It has happened to me 30-40 times over 20 years and always under the above circumstances.

The scariest of all is when they finally shut the machine off, the tectonic ultrasound or whatever it is, and I drop. I have slept for 20 hours straight after prolonged attacks. If they can do that to me they can do it to anyone / everyone, and what good are guns when they can make you drop out for long periods after severe treatment with atmospheric/auroral electronic mind control? I have had people tell me about odd insomnia many times, here in the land of entrapment. They do not know or care about chemtrails but the insomnia was and always is unwelcome and unnatural.

In my efforts to elude these military and police tormentors, who really came into a lot of power after Jorge II, I have become very rural. The best I was able to do was make them spend more to get me. And its not really money they are spending anyway, its future debt on your grandkids tab. So what dso they care about spending? Most of them cannot even figure out what sex they are.

With artificially intelligent monitors being put out wherever power is available, even solar panels, it is much easier to harass a subject. On occasion there are also carefully deniable revelations made, which can also be unnerving. And lets not forget about all the satellites.

As stated, this activity by the police and military is all debt money being spent. Until that becomes worthless, or the people wake up, these predatory activities will just become worse, daily.

There is a lot of biotech in use and that is included with the pharmaceutical aspects of mind control. Everyone knows a lot more about that since covid. If you took the covid shot, congratulations, you are now a GMO. If the science and people doing it were more advanced it could be good, but as it is now it is very dangerous.

Sometimes the teeth are attacked, ask George Washington and some other founding fathers about that, and in the present, like 2022, a lot of surveillance is being put in fillings, listening devices for teeth are 100% effective and in their 13th generation now. Tooth pain can be magnified with electronic weaponry in a big way. I was hit with some energy by two F16s while out hiking near Hachita NM, it caused two of my teeth to split vertically. That night came a rare storm with some very special lightning, excruciating. That was around 2007 or so. those teeth got yanked the next day and the dentist was kind of freaking out, it was abnormal. The teeth came out in pieces.

The world leaders and other controllers put very high value on distraction of the mass so that they can go about their business of looting from that mass with war and all other manner of predatory activity. Distraction is probably the number one use of mass mind control today. It could eventually lead to enforced religion and Totally free labor for the controllers, which seems to be their continual inclination.


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