Crisis of Privatization - Return of the Public Sphere

by Mario Candeias Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2021 at 6:46 PM

The water supply for the population of Paris is to be completely restored to public ownership from 2009 on, as the Socialist mayor Delanoe announced on June 2nd 2008... Adam Smith already advocated that such “public goods“ have to be provided by the state.2

Neoliberal privatization is suffering from a legitimacy

crisis, an efficiency crisis (concerning prices, quality

and access), and a crisis of profitability – but crises

do not necessarily lead to an end to privatizations, rat -

her they lead to new ways and strategies for making

them more effective. Politicians and investors are loo -

king for other (investment) opportunities. Nevertheless,

we can observe shifts in the social climate that enable

successes in anti-privatization campaigns, foster remu -

nicipalisations and the debate about the public sphere.

Original: Crisis of Privatization - Return of the Public Sphere