We can do to the Senate what Brits did to the House of Lords!

by The Daily Beast Monday, Mar. 22, 2021 at 3:08 PM
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After two centuries as an anti-Democratic force, the Senate needs to adapt or it might wake up one day and find that its powers have been stripped down to ceremonial engagements. Don’t laugh! Our neighbors from across the pond not too long ago did exactly this to the House of Lords.

We can do to the Senate what the Brits did to the House of Lords

on The Daily Beast, 3/19/2021


The Senate has been impeding American democracy for two centuries, but this does not mean it has to go on forever.

The English Parliament has existed since 1295, and since its inception the House of Lords had generally been the dominant chamber in England’s bicameral legislature. It represented the clergy, nobility and landowners and it had a greater say in shaping British government than the House of Commons that represented the common people. Sound familiar?

However, all of this changed in the early 1900s as England confronted social changes not too dissimilar to America’s current political turmoil.

Original: We can do to the Senate what Brits did to the House of Lords!