Save the Amazon Demonstration

by RP Tuesday, Sep. 03, 2019 at 11:06 PM

Glendale's Americana shopping mall was the site of a demonstration reminding consumers about consequences of shopping decisions and our culture of ignorance.

Save the Amazon Demo...
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September 1, 2019: Glendale residents organized a demonstration just outside the Americana shopping center drawing attention to the devastating mega fires in the Amazon and how people’s shopping habits are benefiting destructive industries in that region.

One of the organizers was KPFK’s Canto Sin Fronteras, which announced the demonstration on air the night before.

In all, there appeared to be about 20 people participating on the busy corner—busy both with foot traffic and motorists.

Reactions from passersby was generally supportive with some making light of the issue.

The various speakers emphasized the direness of the situation (“We should all be terrified,” one said) and implored people not to act as if nothing was wrong. Those running society want us all to be distracted by consumerism and remain in ignorance.

Suggestions were made by the demonstrators: cut down on products linked to rain forest destruction like meat and soy. The company Blackstone was also mentioned several times (more here: Also, organize a demonstration like this in your own community.

There will be another demonstration on Thursday September 5th in front of the Brazilian embassy at 8484 Wilshire Boulevard from 11am to 1pm.

Also, the August 29 edition of American Indian Airwaves, featured Leila Salazar-Lopez of Amazon Watch, who discussed the Global Call to Protect the Amazon and the need to draw attention to corporations benefiting from the deforestation (she mentioned Costco, among others). The show is archived here:

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