Disney Marathon, Kicking Out the Homeless

by End War on the Poor Thursday, Sep. 01, 2016 at 11:21 AM

The homeless are being thrown out of their tent homes under Highway 57 so Disney Marathon runners won't see poverty.

The Homeless in the Anaheim Santa Ana tent community along the 57 Highway have been told to vacate their tent community tomorrow (9/2/16) so Disney Marathon runners will not see any homeless on Sunday, September 4.

The Orange County authorities have informed the people living in tents along the river below Highway 57 that any belongings not removed by Friday will be confiscated and police and sheriff deputies are planning to come in to guarantee the eviction of the homeless.

Many of these homeless are rape victims, pregnant and disabled Americans, veterans and domestic violence victims were previously thrown out of their homes that they paid for in Orange County by the very law enforcement agencies now evicting them from their tent community along the side of the Santa Ana River. Some are blind. They have nowhere to go except for the river and now are being told to go into non-existence. Disney is a rich powerful corporation and the homeless have no clout, compared to Disney.

In August, the tent community at the Katella Park area of the river was raided. Most of the belongings of the residents were shredded by authorities because the disabled people were too weak to move everything fast enough. Non-county cars are not allowed along the river and the mostly frail people were told to move things by hand. Authorities provided no assistance and had no suggestions as to where the people could go. Some of those at the 57 had previously been evicted from the Katella Park area as well. They had to move everything by hand and when those who tried to comply returned for a second load, they found their other belongings destroyed. They had been told the belongings would be moved 20 miles away to a location too far for them to effectively reclaim them on foot, but most belongings were trashed, instead. One woman who was blind in one eye lost most of her belongings.

In August, Orange County authorities wiped out a memorial in Anaheim with gravestones for the homeless and veterans who had died. Orange County hired workers who broke up the stones and threw them in a truck.

Due to the foreclosure crisis, the same law enforcement authorities who previously removed people from their Orange County family homes on behalf of the banks are now forcing them to leave the only homes they have left, their tent homes in the tent communities along the Santa Ana River.

The tent communities are not on the running path and in no way interfere with bikers and runners. It is because the homeless are considered less than human that they have to leave.

In speaking with law enforcement at the last eviction, the officers spoke about the homeless as if they were animals, sub-humans--better off dead and out of existence. The officers appeared to be violating but did not care about the Americans With Disabilities Act. They were told about the Act and it didn't make any difference.

If you care, boycott Sunday's Disney Marathon and if you really care, go to the river Friday morning (6/2/16) and stand up for those who have lost everything in this economic crisis.