Book of Lists for eastern Kentucky-Eastern Tenneesse

by daniel Boone Thursday, Sep. 24, 2015 at 5:53 PM

Eastern Kentucky, specifically the greater Lexington area aka Bourbon County cultivated most of the US hemp production until 1938 when a national law outlawed it.

this are is within a 3 hour drive of the Cumberland Gap a valley near the Appalachian spine which runs from N. georgia into North Carolina Pine Mountain in KY and into Va. and West Virginia going northeast. Most of this are is heavily wooded with a large timber extraction in some national forests and 134,000 acres owned by Ga pacific in eastern KY.A common myth occurs about rural fundamentalist churches and snake or serpent handling. This is rare and was outlawed in TN years past but there are a few churches that do this in rural KY and rural west virginia.Most of the rivers in the eastern and middle US spring from here and there are fish named mountain trout. There are a large body of pensioners and hospital card holders associated with the United Mine Workers of America in eastern KY from slightly west of I-75 to the VA TN WVA borders. The UMWA has lost a lot of ground but still maintains offices.The mayor of NEON forced town employees to go door to door to tell other residents not to vote for opposition candidates.Child care providers have had their funds cut by the KY legislature after falsifying the numbers of kids in adult care.