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Why are so many of our men and women being murdered by cops and fbi and who may we hold accountable!

I am a Texas *attorney

and I ask why are some judges
and attorneys railroading innocent people into prison!

Fbi fraudulent stings to set people up for arrest, imprisonment (or death) and
a lifetime of persecution/torture.

Perjury by fbi in alleged Sex offense


My writ:

your beloved fbi:

The fbi engages in much more than spying; try threats, harassment, torture, forced suicide, false arrest, assassinations.

Public Notice:

For the defense in cases prosecuted by the fbi:

GERAL SOSBEE, ATTORNEY, witness to the macabre culture and grossly unlawful & criminal practices of the fbi:

Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

e.g. fbi plants child porn on my smart phone

fbi fraudulent attempts to plant my name at the scene of a crime:

*GERAL SOSBEE is not certified by the Texas Board od Legal Specialization.