police state usa, brutal-deadly

by geral idVer:4865f8d79e65b812f2c3fc4d99a734f0c Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014 at 1:53 PM
gsosbee@gmail.com na usa

Proof of fbi/police state brutality with judicial authorization.

The fbi efforts to silence me are extreme as I have previously outlined, and today the frustrated thugs of your beloved fbi sends neighbors and others to engage in provocative criminal assaults (via gas lighting) even as the fbi tortures me 24/7 with incapacitating DEW assaults.

You (whom I now address) can do nothing when cops/fbi/cia engage in the following crimes against persons:

1) arrest

2) beat

3) strangle to death

4) murder with a firearm, or other killing device

5) imprison

6) slander or libel

7) torture

America Lost:


Corrupt Police & Judges Abound:


Americans embrace their community of government assassins:


A killer/serial killer is still a killer whether identified as government sponsored or outlaw:


...And Outlaws Are Better Men: