Burn Cut Poison: Toxic Trillion Dollar Cancer Industrial Complex Of Radiation, Surgery, Ch

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alternatives to the hazards of radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy

Burn Cut Poison: Tox...
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Countries with the highest meat consumption such as Australia, Canada, the US, Argentina, etc. have the highest rates of intestinal cancer, while those with the
highest fish consumption such as Japan have the highest rates of stomach cancer. Leukemia can come from eating chickens whose
leukemia is deceptively called leukosis. Cancer tumors the size of grapefruits can be cut out of a just murdered cow... and the rest of the cadaver approved for human consumption. The USDA under Ronald Reagan doubled the speed
of the conveyor belts which pass inspectors, and recently the USDA has made inspection even more difficult. Countless carcinogens are added to foods. The sodium nitrate red dye used to hide the gray, brown and green of old meat combines with animal proteins in the stomach to form carcinogenic nitrosamiines. Methylcholanthrene and malonaldehyde are carcinogens formed when animal flesh is heated to above 300 degrees, while cooking at low temperatures has many other problems including ecoli or colon bacteria. Dr Samuel Epstein testified at a Ralph Nader organized committee hearing about the lethality of charcoal broiling because of the carcinogenic benzopyrene created.

Supervised fasting, uncooked vegan food, massive doses of vitamin C (the bouncer of toxins) Phytochemicals and antioxidants in fruits and to a lesser extent in vegetables are natural cancer fighters. Cancer is often caused by enzyme depletion of the body. Cooking food destroys vitamin C and many enzymes. A number of vegan raw food healing clinics are available around the world.



When cancer cells are encapsulated by cell walls
in one area of the body, surgical knives often
destroy those walls and send the lethal cells
throughout the body.

Surgical errors often kill. The surgeon may
be inebriated, exhausted, incompetent etc. He
or she may need some quick cash from unnecessary
surgery. The US has several times the cancer surgery
rate of other countries.

Anesthesia errors often kill.

Uncontrolled bleeding can result in death.

Reactions to drugs can be lethal.

Damage to other organs or nearby tissue
can result.

Blood transfusion mistakes can spread disease.



Radiation is a carcinogen in and of itself.
Radiation has turned internal organs into black goo.

Some of the numberless lethal side effects of radiation include difficulty swallowing, bladder irritation, impotence, problems breathing, frequent urination, Hair loss sometimes permanent, skin irritation, exhaustion, taste dysfunction, dry mouth, thickened saliva, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, earaches, sore jaw, cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bladder irritation



Chemotherapy for cancer or Hodgkins Disease
can turn a heart muscle into
stone, can cause immediate lifeending heart
attacks, weakening of the heart muscle, or
arthymias, can numb the extremities (peripheral
can cause dementia. Anthracycline drugs are
among the worst offenders in generation of heart attacks
and other heart problems.

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