State of Power 2014, 99 pp

by Transnational Institute Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014 at 1:49 PM

In its third annual "State of Power" report, TNI uses vibrant infographics and penetrating essays to expose and analyze the principal power brokers that have caused financial,. economic, social and ecological crises worldwide.

Susan George's article "State of corporations - The rise of illegitimate power and the threat to democracy" is on pp 9-15.

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Nick Buxton

State of Corporations – The rise of illegitimate power and the threat to democracy (PDF, 902KB)

Susan George

State of Davos – The camel’s nose in the tents of global governance (PDF, 308KB)

David Sogge

State of Surveillance –The NSA files and the global fightback (PDF, 778KB)

Ben Hayes

State of Empire - How failed foreign policy, new emerging economies, and peoples’ movements are undermining US power (PDF, 526KB)

Phyllis Bennis

State of the South – Emerging powers and the potential for progressive change (PDF, 760KB)

Achin Vanaik

State of the State – The state is dead! Long live the state! (pdf, 728KB)

Daniel Chavez

State of the Planet – Fateful triangle of big energy, finance and complicit governments (PDF, 537KB)

Steve Horn and Peter Rugh,

State of Europe - How the European Round Table of Industrialists came to wage class war on Europe (PDF, 332KB)

Andrew Gavin Marshall,

State of Extraction – The new scramble for Africa (PDF, 460KB)

David Fig

State of the Land - Reconfiguration of the power of the state and capital in the global land rush (PDF, 348KB)

Saturnino M. Borras Jr.

State of Counter Power - How understanding neoliberalism’s cultural underpinnings can equip movements to overthrow it (PDF, 377KB)

Hilary Wainwright

Original: State of Power 2014, 99 pp