Tony Rackauckas and the Corrupt Bargain: Money, Sex, Corruption and Violence

by Emery Friday, Jan. 06, 2012 at 8:35 PM

Orange County has become the seat of corruption as deals between criminals and officials allow violent offenders to continue their reign of terror in a county where justice is lacking.

In California's Orange County, Distract Attorney Tony Rackauckas, also known as T-Rack, allows violent criminals to get away with aggravated assaults, homicides, sex crimes, identity fraud, embezzlement and more.


Because T-Rack and his sex partner Peggy Buff have placed money above justice.

Multiple domestic violence shootings have left trails of bodies in Orange County as T-Rack has failed to prosecute violent criminals who commit violent assaults against women in his county. Prior to dying, victims have told T-Rack or his underlings they were in danger of being killed but the perpetrators have been given passes. As predicated, helpless women have died as T-Rack did nothing to save them. As cemetery profits have gone up, T-Rack’s sex partner Peggy Buff has made grabs to gain the money of victims. Last year, she lost her job for this very reason. But T-Rack still won’t prosecute men who violate women in Orange County.

In one of the cases the crimes were so heinous that it is hard to believe that morality hasn’t forced T-Rack to prosecute. In a recent case an elderly woman was held prisoner and starved and dehydrated as the assailant, who used identity fraud to loot her life savings of close to a million dollars, was given a T-Rack free pass. The woman’s primary arm was broken. Her spine was destroyed. Her dentures were smashed. Her family was threatened with knives and beaten. Sex crimes were committed. There is banking evidence of direct unauthorized transfers by the assailant into his own accounts. There were witnesses, photos and medical evidence. The woman was so damaged that she could not survive a cold. Her family and doctor have reported that reason the cold took her out was because of her abused condition. She was a recently retired civil servant of 40 years and a devout Christian who helped the sick and took care of less fortunate people. . Large numbers of her friends mourned her death. She has been compared favorably with Mother Teresa.

T-Rack felt burned because his sex partner’s attempt to acquire the elderly woman’s assets for the county sparked a controversy that cost Peggy Buff her job. Before dying the civil servant actively sought prosecution of her assailant. She was forced to file her own lawsuit against the perpetrator. T-Rack waited it out until the victim died, hoping that would be the end of any request that his office pursue the crimes. Now the family and friends are demanding prosecution. There are other victims who were brutalized. Three people who tried to have him brought to justice have already died, suddenly. The Trabuco Hills assailant appears to be living off stolen money and witnessing to the world that violent crime does pays. It does. It can get you millions in Orange County, California.

The assailant’s daughter has accused him of sexual crimes and over a hundred death threats. The daughter has recordings, evidence and witnesses. She fears she will die. T-Rack has apparently ordered local law enforcement to refuse to take crime reports in this matter. Prosecution of this violent criminal is not allowed in T-Rack’s county.

The assailant’s son bragged about how his father made a bargain involving T-Rack. There would be no charges or prosecution as long as the criminal tried to help the county get part of the woman’s estate. Illegal. Corrupt. After the deal, T-Rack’s office dropped a major case against the assailant and has stood against any other prosecution this perpetrator. This is the kind of justice for which Orange County is known. This is T-Rack justice.