YES !! it's us = ROSE PARADE 99%

by one of many Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011 at 7:24 PM

Repeat as prior Pubishing did not provide paragraph spacing for proper reading !!! was "Indy system failure " ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Occupiers are active in this Rose Parade, with a float, with occupiers, with BIG B&W signs, with notable speakers, with OUR PRESENCE telling those who glorify corporate-sponsored-paid-for floats that there is MORE than just commercials in a city parade ...'for the people"....not to just passively watch on TV but to become actually Present and Involved !

See website for full complete INFORMATION -

some info but see website for plenty more with videos and pix and directions too –

“Please bring your own Occupy themed & Very Large Signs/Banners for the thousands of cameras/reporters on-site.

Ideally the signs should be 4 ft X 10 ft or larger --

Black Text on White on White background or White Text on Black background works best. “

1st Event = a Teach In style Forum = Location: ALL SAINTS CHURCH IN PASADENA-- 132 North Euclid on the West Lawn of the church, directly across from the East Steps of Pasadena's City Hall.

Time: Sunday January 1st, 3 to 6 p.m. All Saints in Pasadena- 132 N. Euclid West lawn, directly across from the east steps of Pasadena's City Hall From 3 to 6 p.m.

2nd Event = “Join Us Monday, Jan 2nd @ 7 am at Pasadena's Singer Park. We march at 9:30 am”

Phase 2 coordinators : Mark Lipman (; Tele: 323.515.3713)

and Antonieta Villamil

(; Tele: 310.747.4342).

Please contact Mark and/or Antonieta for banner/sign "team" sign-ups & logistics.

Transportation by MTA is best.

MTA/Gold Line Shuttle Service The MTA offers shuttle service from the Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line Station on January 2nd to the Post Parade venue beginning at 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Shuttle service from the Post Parade area back to the Sierra Madre Villa Station will continue to 5:30 pm.

On January 2nd, shuttle service from the station to Post Parade Park begins at 7:00 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Service from the Post Parade venue to Sierra Madre Villa Station will continue to 5:30 pm.

During the hours of operation the shuttle buses will pick up every five to ten minutes from the station. Cost to ride is a regular fare plus a transfer.

Metro Gold line train north from Union Station, the station for all Rose Parade events is Memorial Park Station. You will see Pasadena City Hall to your east when you come out of the station. There is street and lot parking near or at all stations to park

Phase 3: OWS "Human Float" (#44) and "We are the 99%" float (#99) –

Phase 3 coordinators :

Pasadena Activist David Cutter (; Tele: 626.260.1615)

& Artists Janet & Matt Driggs (; Tele: 213.300.1421).

Sign assemblage will be at Singer Park (right by California & St. Johns Ave (several blocks South of the Norton Simon)).

Occupy will have 500 + flags available to those who arrive on-site first and several hundred Occupy T-Shirts.

NOTE : : : Parking for the Rose Parade in Pasadena is impossible and exorbitantly expensive, unless you carpool ! They advise using the MTA Gold Line light rail.

Fare is .50 each way ($.55 for seniors and handicapped). MTA recommends you buy a day pass to avoid the line coming back - .00 (.80 for seniors and handicapped).

Trains depart every 6 minutes starting at 5:42 am. Parking at Union Station is .00 for all day. Get to Union Station the best way you can. Then…..Get off at which you chose :::

• Fillmore Station for the Singer Park Sign assemblage for the OWS "Human Float" and the "We are the 99%" float.

• Del Mar Station for activities between the Norton Simon Museum and Pasadena City Hall and for watching the Rose Parade

• Memorial Park Station for City Hall activities Parsons & Pasadena City College are good spots. Possibly the Pasadena Convention Center. Parking

What time does the regular formal traditional parade start?

7:30/8 a.m.

(best to be there by 7am ..or some can come as early as 12 pm Noon of the day before -- i.e. Sunday noon of January 1st)

YOU too can demonstrate, leaflet/flyer & even just gather together and be supportive

from 12 pm Noon of Sun. Jan 1, 2012 all the way through to 11 am on Monday, Jan 2, 2012.

Remember, there are many varied ways to be part of this Process and Movement.

Bring family, children, friends, [less for pets tho].

DON’T BE AFRAID !!…. while in America, we are ‘protected’ by constitutional words….compared to others who protest-their-govt-states.

So while USA needs to maintain it’s powerful ‘democratic’ reputation, We The People can claim the Freedom to Speak and Address our Grievances to ‘OUR government and representatives’.

When we don’t do this, the Rights to Speak Freely shrivels, evaporates, and dies.

Just come, be PRESENT, enjoy, support and be Proud to be part of OCCUPYers everywhere.

Original: YES !! it's us = ROSE PARADE 99%